Dave has been an active member of our community for nearly two decades and he is deeply committed to improving the quality of life in Northwest Ohio.  He is a proud Navy Veteran having served his country on both land and sea.  He currently works as a Registered Nurse and volunteers with the poor and underserved.

Lucas County is facing many challenges and Dave has consistently stepped up to serve as a strong advocate for the needs of our citizens.  Since being elected in November of 2015 to Maumee City Council Dave has fought for the rights of citizens’ to be heard and Dave has demanded that government provide the services that the citizens deserve in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

For over eighteen (18) years Dave and his wife have been active in several local churches including CedarCreek Church, Redemption City Church, and Dust Church.  During this time Dave and Tallie have actively served in countless volunteer and leadership roles.

Dave and his wife, Tallie are the proud parents of four wonderful children: Carter (20), Quinten (18), Charlie (11), and Ruby (9), and they just welcomed their first grandchild, Caspian this past November (0).

Thank you for your our support and for taking the time to visit Dave’s blog and to learn more about how he is leading in the health, safety, and success of Maumee.

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